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The internet has many websites offering discounted legal documents. Most of these website offer very cheap "form agreements." Some websites may call themselves "document preparation" firms, or other "legal" sounding names. Ordering a law will and testament from these websites are generally inadequate and unenforceable in court.

Using our online service offers the same convenience, but with us, you will work with experienced lawyers who will create a document tailored to your individualized needs.

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  • Licensed Attorneys

    We use Licensed Attorneys in your state with significant will experience to draft and review your unique will. Same service as going to a traditional law firm, minus the wait time and cost. Our low overhead gives us the ability to charge you less.

  • Legally Valid

    Our last will and testament are in compliance with the laws of your state. Visit our Law page for a review of specific terms.

  • Flexible

    Although we have created an easy online process for your convenience, we also offer the option for a face-to-face meeting. For an additional fee, we can select a lawyer in your area to sit down with you and review your will and answer additional questions or concerns you may have.

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